Painting Ireland with Eco Friendly Paints
Ireland's Leading Eco Friendly Painting & Decorating Service
Our paint range is made from the earth's natural plant oils and pigments.
Using Eco Friendly Paints can greatly reduce your carbon emmissions (carbon footprint)

Eco Friendly Paints have a minimal environmental impact

Eco Friendly Paints can reduce the likelihood of asthma in children

Using Eco Paints in the home or the office can reduce the likelihood of asthma, headaches, nausea, fatigue,
sinus irritations and skin rashes.

All paint cans & colour cards are 100% recyclable.
Advantages of Eco Friendly Paints
Disadvantages of conventional paints
ECO-Friendly Paints Ireland is an Irish owned company specialising in applying environmentally friendly paints in the Dublin area and surrounding counties of Ireland.

Eco Paint is far superior to any other conventional paint range currently on the market and is non-toxic.

Ecologically friendly paints boast huge health benefits for all types of environments from the home to the office.

It is Made from over 90% of earth's natural plant oils & pigments making it the healthiest choice.

Reduce your CO2 emmissions with our eco paint range
Paint your world with Eco Friendly Paints
Use our years of experience in the painting and decorating trade to help you select the correct eco friendly paint to suit your requirements when painting your home or office.

Painting & Decorating made easy
Not sure about where to start with that painting job?
Eco Friendly Paints can give you professional advice about whatever needs to be done, from paint type to paint application methods. Save yourself the fuss and the time,
Give us call now,
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